Rent Camera Support – EasyRig Cinema 3

The company Easy Rig’s tag line is – ‘Cameraman’s original back saver since 1994’ 

The EasyRig is a camera support system that takes the weight off of your shoulders and neck muscles and distributes it to other parts of the body so that it becomes easier to maintain a large camera body on your shoulders or any other preferred camera angle for an extended time period. The EasyRig can be used with video cameras and films cameras, best of all once you’re done shooting, the EasyRig packs away in a very nice and portable carrying bag.

The EasyRig will really benefit you if you are shooting any of the following and require stability:

Sporting Events
On Site News

The EasyRig also works very well with gimbals; if you are using a DJI Ronin, or a FreeFly Movi, this system will really allow you to shoot for longer time durations without having to put the gimbal down.

The suit can support cameras and camera rigs weighing between 24 and 28lbs.

The EasyRig is available to rent for $100/day