Camera Rental – Canon C100 Mark ii

Camera Rental – The C100 Mark ii is a true definition of a ‘Run and Gun’ camera.  The Canon C100 Mark ii is packed with so much tech, that, you can walk into your run and gun shoot with some very minimal amount of camera gear and be ready for any shooting situation.  With superior performance in low lighting situations, and some built in ND-filters, the c100 Mark ii is ready to tackle any scene you want to capture as soon as you turn it on.

Key Features

  • Can shoot continuously without having to stop recording, unlike DSLR’s and Sony a7S ii series
  • Two SD card recording slots available will give you hours and hours of recording time
  • BP-955 Batteries last hours, unlike DSLR’s or similar where you have to carry tons of batteries to last all day
  • Camera control settings like Aperture, ISO, White Balance, etc, can be changed instantaneously on the fly
  • Built in XLR inputs to record audio straight onto the C100 Mark ii.
  • Built in waveform monitor to help judge correct exposure for a scene.
  • Capability to shoot at slow motion 60fps
  • Capability to shoot at uncompressed 4:2:2
  • Amazing ergonomic design of the camera body, it just feels right once you hold this camera in your hands.
  • The eye piece really helps framing your shots and judging exposure and all other settings when shooting in outdoor scenarios.
  • Has continuous autofocus feature which is just awesome for gimbal shots, slider shots, jib shots or any type of shot where your focal length continuously changes.

The bottom line is that the C100 Mark ii is a very reliable camera and can make the life of the run and gun shooter very easy.

The C100 Mark ii rental package comes with the following items:

Canon C100 Mark ii Body
2 Batteries
1 64GB SD Card

The Canon C100 Mark ii rents out for $140/day. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you would like to rent this camera on your next production