Jib Rental – Kessler Crane

Jib Rental – The Kessler Crane is one of the most versatile cranes in the market. This crane system can go from a run and gun setup to a fully loaded jib that has is capable of providing electronic camera pan/tilt. The pan/tilt head allows the crane operator to control the pan and tilt of the camera head remotely from the back of the crane.

Key Features

Tilt Control
The Kessler Crane features manual, fixed-angle and automatic tilt control for ultimate versatility, making it the perfect tool for any crane application.

Adjustable Weight Bar
Balance in any crane or jib is essential to easy use and camera stability. With the adjustable weight bar system users can change rigs on the fly with the weights on hand and readjust the crane’s weight bar to accommodate the weight changes.

Portable Disassembly
Kessler understands shooters are on the move. The Kessler Crane is built with portability in mind and easy disassembly ensures this is possible.

The Kessler Crane assembles in either 8ft or 12ft lengths.

Rental prices are outlined below:

Kessler Crane – $130/day – Maximum payload 20lbs

Kessler Revolution Pan/Tilt Head – $125/day – Maximum payload 12lbs

Setup time for the Kessler Crane are outlined below:

Kessler Crane setup – Approx. 30 minutes

Kessler Crane setup with the pan/tilt head – Approx. 45 Minutes

If you have any questions regarding the setup that works best for your production, give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.