Rent Electronic Pan/Tilt Head

The Kessler Revolution Head 2 is fully motorized pan and tilt head. Controlling Pan/Tilt is pretty much a plug and play solution with the Kessler Revolution Head.  This unit goes well with Kessler Cranes or Kessler Sliders giving you a dynamic edge to your shot.

The Kessler Revolution Head can also be used on a tripod giving you the ultimate control in achieving  smooth pans and tilts on a static shot. This unique capability allows the Kessler Pan/Tilt head to be operated in a live environment, and for time lapse purposes. The Oracle controller that connects to the head has built in time lapse capabilities allowing you to control all the different aspects of the heads movement. These include the speed of pan and tilt, time frame you want the move to occur in. A simple time lapse move can be coordinated within minutes with this tool.

Rent the Kessler Revolution Pan/Tilt Head on your next production. Give us a call for more information on this product.