Atomos Shogun 4K Monitor and Recorder

$75 / Day


The Atomos Shogun monitor rental is a 7-inch HD monitor that is packed with some serious tech.  Below are some key features the Atomos Shogun boasts:

-Records 4K in ProRes or DNxHR.
-Video tools like the waveform, vector scope, focus zoom, peaking, zebra, false colours, and more are all available
-Records up to 10-bit 3:2:2 in ProRes HQ or Avid DNxHR HQ/SQ/LB.
-Can record in a variety of resolutions including UHD 3840-2160  FHD 1080p and HD 720p, it can also shoot at 120 fps in HD.
-Records onto SSD Drives
-Has both HD-SDI input/ouput, and HDMI
-Genlock for multi camera syncing
-Audio recording capabilities (Lemo to XLR In)
-Supports video playback

The shogun is the go to monitor for shooters that are using cameras that lack a lot of the key video features that are always relied upon by cinematographers. Additionally there are a lot of cameras in the market that have 4k sensors but do not have the internal capabilities to record in 4k, this is where the Shogun really excels allowing 4k recording.

Cinematographers who use high end cinema cameras record in 4k resolution, yet again, the shogun does not cease to impress, it can become a very handy backup recorder in case the primary recording on the camera becomes corrupted in any way.