Kessler Second Shooter

$120 / Day


Rent motion control for sliders at Gear House; the 3-axis Kessler Second Shooter gives you the ultimate control in creating dynamic and repeatable movements with a Kessler slider. The system makes it easy to capture repeatable motion control for live-action, time-lapse, or stop-motion applications. Setting up the Second Shooter does not take very long, which makes it suitable for run-and-gun and one-man-band shooters as well as larger production houses.

The Second Shooter uses completely digital motors giving the user the ultimate control. The system works simply by marking your key frames, there is no need to record your entire moves like previous motion control systems. The Second Shooter is capable of controlling 3 axes simultaneously- slide, pan, & tilt, it will come with a motor mount which will ONLY work on Kessler CineSlider or Stealth sliders, Pocket Dolly, ShuttlePod

The load capacity on the Second Shooter head is 10 lbs, allowing you to mount DSLR’s, mirrorless camera bodies, Canon C100 series, Sony FS5.


 The Second Shooter rental kit comes with the following items:

1 x Kessler Second Shooter Controller
1 x Motor
1 x Cat 6 Cables
2 x Kessler Second Shooter MagPak Batteries