Rent Wireless Video Transmitter / Receiver – Teradek Ranger MKII 5000 – A zero-delay video for live productions, broadcasts, and productions.

Key Features

  • ZERO-DELAY – Go from TX to RX in .001 seconds – perfect for IMAG and live event production.
  • VISUALLY LOSSLESS 4K HDR – Transmit video in exceptional detail – superior to HEVC and H.264 solutions.
  • AES-256 ENCRYPTION – Keep your video transmission confidential and secure.
  • GRANULAR FREQUENCY CONTROL – Make adjustments to the frequency of your signal in 5MHz increments.
  • LICENSED & UNLICENSED FREQUENCIES – Operate from 4.9GHz to 6.4GHz on licensed and unlicensed bands.
  • INTERCOMPATIBLE – Pair any previous and current Ranger systems together.

Rental Contents

1 x Teradek Ranger Transmitter
1 x Teradek Ranger Receiver
1 x Power Supply Unit
1 x Lemo to P-Tap
2 x SDI Patch Cables
2 x HDMI Patch Cables
1 x Receiver Mounting Stand
2 x 270WH Shape V-Lock Batteries
1 x Shape V-Lock Battery Charger
1 x On-Camera LED Light